How To Use White Noise for Increased Productivity

I’ve been a big fan of having music in the background while working for several years. It’s not an “always” on type of thing – sometimes I need to have a very quiet background for thought intensive tasks…however, about 50-60 percent of the time I find it really helpful to have either some low volume instrumental music or background sounds going.

Just the other day a friend of mine was asking about this type of sound use on Facebook and I recommended Noisli – and today I came across an article talking about Noisli and some of the additional features that it offers:

Noisli is one of these tools. It’s basically a background noise generator that helps you drown out annoying noises and that lets you create your perfect environment for working and relaxing. Noisli allows you to mix different sounds to create your very own sound environment tailored to your personal needs and taste. If you are one of those people who try out some new music playlist or radio station every week, Noisli might cater to your needs. In fact, I wrote this very article while Noisli was playing in the background.

It really is a simple tool (website) that you visit and can use slider bars to edit the sounds to your taste (wind, water, etc). Check it out here: Noisli

It’s the best of it’s type that I’ve come across and it’s been in my bookmarks for a few years now – a rare feat!

Kind of a little gimmick to the main product, Noisli also has a very minimalistic text editor included. You are welcomed by a plain blank screen where you can start typing. The editor supports the Markdown format, so you can format your text with styles like bold, italic, headings or bulleted lists.

Noisli is definitely something you should try out when everything else is failing. It probably isn’t a solution to all of your productivity problems, but give it a try particularly in situations where you are struggling to block out distractions. Noisli definitely worked for me. Quick Tip: Use Background White Noise for Greater Productivity

I’ll disagree with the last statement that “you should try out when everything else is failing” – go ahead and give it a shot! You probably already know whether or not sound or music is a good addition to your productivity or workflow and this is a great way to have sounds without distraction.

One of the great uses for this can be areas where you have distracting sounds – like home offices, cafes, etc. Pop on some headphones and put on Noisli and get to work.


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