Making Your Own 5 Minute Journal Customized In Midori Notebook



There’s several reasons that I believe you should use a daily notebook or journal, from having a good start to your day to setting weekly goals and challenges to help move projects along  – and I got my start by using both the 5 minute journal and the EOFire / Freedom journal (more of a business oriented angle).

Over time I realized that I needed a customized journal so I combined what I liked about both and worked it into my Midori notebook that is still going strong after 9+ months.

It’s very much a work in progress but you can see in the video how it’s being used and why I like having it in my notebook instead of separate.

There are some features that I give up by doing this – some of the more business oriented goal setting of the EOFire notebook doesn’t fit into this – although I may do some changes soon to get things like 10 day goals and sprints into the booklet format.

That said, having it located inside my notebook which I use on a daily basis and is already part of my daily review is a big bonus. On top of that I can customize it as needed.

If you aren’t familiar with any of these journals or ideas, I highly suggest checking them out. They don’t cost very much and they are very helpful for getting your mental state aligned with your goals and getting you going each day in the right direction – as well as providing feedback at the end of the day on how things actually panned out.

In the video you can see how I set up mine so that I included the parts that I wanted and needed – taking the very best of what worked and leaving out the parts that didn’t work. That isn’t to say that certain parts won’t work for you, be sure to test and find out what gets you the results you want.

It’s also easy to incorporate customization into the Midori journal. Although their inserts are really nice and useful, it’s fairly easy and painless to set up your own inserts like mine.

The main part is to create template that has the components you want, and then getting it to the right size. Once you’ve got that down and done a few iterations to fix issues,  you can save it and reprint / cut to size as needed when you run out.

Do yourself a favor and at least look into the idea of customized journals.

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