Episode 8 – Automating Your Life For Routine Success: Kathryn Jones


In this episode of the Real World Productivity Podcast we’re talking with productivity and automation expert Kathryn Jones to find out how routines can help really expand what we are capable of in so many ways – from the daily routine to the big life goals.

The concept of doing the ordinary, but doing it extraordinarily well, is the name of the game and Kathryn has some strategies and tips that you should be putting to use in your life and business.

Not only does Kathryn practice what she teaches, she’s helped a ton of people to create practical day to day routines in place that help them tackle their problems and push themselves forward.

It may seem small at first, but having something like an automatic morning or daily routine can be life changing.

No, that is not an over-statement.

Whether you want to:

    • be more productive in the morning
    • lose weight
    • drink more water
    • grow a multi-million dollar business

You have to be able to set real routines (processes) that work FOR you and help you reach those goals.

I read Kathryn’s book last fall and was again struck by the need to do something ordinary, but to do it extradinalrily well.

In “Automate Your Routines Guarantee Your Results” she’s laid out a step by step plan for you to do just that. I highly encourage you to grab a copy and read it – I have and I’ve already put some of her ideas and tactics to good use (yay for brushing my teeth more often!).

So often we can get caught up in the day to day rush and miss out on what we’re doing – we know that we WANT to do something but we never take the time to properly figure out HOW we can get it done.

Sound familiar? Check out the podcast episode!

Resources Mentioned:

Automate Academy: automateacademy.com
Automate Your Routines Guarantee Your Results: productivity.academy/automateyourresultsbook
C.S. Lewis The Great Divorce www.amazon.com/Great-Divorce-C-S…ok/dp/B078QC2QXR/
Non-Fiction Tim Ferris Tools Of Titans productivity.academy/toolsoftitans

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