Episode 24 – The Best Books Of 2018 To Improve Productivity, Time Management, Team Building, & More

Books have been a great resource in my life and helped me save time, effort, and mistakes in so many areas.

In the realm of productivity, time management, and team building, there are some amazing resources out there, but also a lot of information to get through.

I really enjoy finding out what books and other learning sources people that I listen to, talk to, and engage with are using to improve their lives, businesses, and to help others – and my goal here is to do the same.

As a bonus, Dr. Dominique Chlup joined me to discuss our favorite books (and more) of the past year.

Not only did she lay down some great books, and ideas, but she’s also graciously offered a free call with any listener that wants to fall in love with their life to create the life you’ll be excited to wake up to – every single day!

How do you hop on this call with her? Just head to her website and schedule your call here.

And no – it’s not just a cut and dried list of “how to” or “productivity hacks” books! We’ve got a wide range and Dominique really brought her A-game to the episode with some great insights that have added several more books to my list!

After listening to the TMBA best books of 2018 episode, I decided to follow in their footsteps with my own recommendations that would condense a year’s worth of reading into 3 to 5 really solid recommendations.

A big thank you to previous podcast guests for writing in with their recommendations (you can find links to all recommendations below):

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Which recommendation is NOT a book – and why you should still look into it
  • One workbook that could be the best “reading” that you and your team do this year
  • Why you need to consider grieving and strong emotions as a business owner and leader
  • How to make the right choices…at the right time!

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