Episode 12 – Choose Your Own Adventure: Leanna McGrath – Executive Coach


I interviewed an executive coach with a background in both the startup world and higher education in this episode of the Real World Productivity Podcast episode. Leanna McGrath shared a lot of great information, insights, and more about her experience with startups and growth.

As with so many of us, and our businesses, a key component is the ability to focus. Leanna touched not only on why it’s so important, but how you can focus in your day to day life and as a business.

Also, there’s some great recommendations for those of us who are interested in taking our communication game up a few notches, especially with those really important conversations that can help make or break big moments.

Leanna’s transitions from higher education, to the startup world, and into executive coaching is interesting and offers her some unique insights into the good and not so good that each type of setup offers.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What you should be doing on a daily and weekly basis to keep focused
  • Why a speed boat can be helpful…and overwhelming!
  • What saying “Yes” really means

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