Episode 35 – Creating Your A-Team With Kris Ward

Kris Ward, author of Win The Hour, Win The Day, joined me for a great look at how important teams are to growing as an entrepreneur and business and why it’s not as hard as you think to grow your own “A-Team”.

Most of us, myself included, have had our ups and downs when getting started with a team but Kris really boils it down to a few areas that you need to consider before jumping in – and make no mistake, this is an area you must jump into in order to see success in your business.

We covered more topics, including basic time management – as a part of that Kris mentioned something that I really like and that we should all consider:

“Treat yourself like a business athlete”

This came out of a conversation about eating lunch (listen to the podcast!) but applies to so much more. If we expect to perform at a high level, shouldn’t we treat ourselves like a high-level athlete would? Food for thought…

With every guest to the podcast, I ask them what their current book they recommend is – here’s the pick for this episode:

Emyth Revisited

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What the most important behavior for business success is
  • Why consistency wins over a fast pace every time
  • How you can create processes without drowning in details

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