Episode 46 – The Varied Path To Routine Excellence – Jeroen Corthout

In this episode of the Real World Productivity Podcast, I interviewed Jeroen Corthout, CEO and Co-founder of the CRM system Salesflare.

Before founding Salesflare, Jeroen worked for several companies and started many others that weren’t long-term successful before settling into Salesflare and beginning the long term push for success.

We covered a lot of areas, and on top of those, Joeren shared a lot about his routines:

After a morning exercise routine that involves running, situps, and pushups, Jeroen begins his working day with a standup meeting.

This is just a short meeting where everyone says what they worked on the previous day and what are the plans for the current day.

This helps a lot when you’re planning out your day and let everyone else in your team know what you’ll do and vice versa.

Having effective short meetings like this gets everyone on the same page quickly and helps projects move forward.

Jeroen also shared some advice on how small businesses or solopreneurs can and should operate their prospecting so that they always have a pipeline.

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • Jeroen’s personal and business routines for better results
  • Why a standup meeting that lasts minutes can improve communication, keep everyone on track, and lead to better success
  • What a successful business founder did at different stages of his business 

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