Episode 15 – Take The Best And Leave The Rest – Dr. Dominique Chlup


Dr. Dominique Chlup joined me for a great interview that covered a wide range of topics. Before listening to the full podcast episode, I want to give you one idea that Dominique introduced while we were talking:

“Take the best and leave the rest”

Be sure to listen to the full episode, but apply the “take the best and leave the rest” concept – note down what 2 or 3 ideas, tools, or methods you can start applying today and don’t sweat the rest. If something doesn’t quite work for you or it doesn’t fit into your workflow or habits, that’s OK.

We went through some great topics during our conversation, here’s a quick rundown of the major topics:

  • Dominique’s unique background in higher education and the transitions involved there and into coaching high achievers
  • How she achieved her own breakthrough
  • Why investing in yourself is always a good “bet”
  • How you get paid in more ways than just money
  • What to say, instead of “No”
  • What to do during turbulent transitions in life
  • Which apps, tools, and methods does Dominique use to stay productive, organized, and focused

One of many areas that I agree with Dominique on is the use of investing in yourself and finding coaches, groups, and mentors that can help you grow in your life.

This can be in a professional sense, your personal life, financially, or just about any other area. The overlap is considerable and any improvements you make in one area will positively impact the others.

For myself, it was a bit of a mindset switch that happened over time – going from looking at the price tag as a “cost” to looking at it as an investment. I still need to be able to afford training, books, or courses, but having that different filter makes it much more likely that you will follow through with it and apply what you learn.

At the end of our conversation, Dominique shared a very special opportunity with listener’s – if you contact her via her website  www.DominiqueChlup.com and mention that you are coming from the Real World Productivity Podcast she’ll hop on a free call with you to discuss how coaching could help push you to the next level. Seeing as how she has helped high performers in many industries, I highly encourage you to take action on this.

There are a lot of great resources mentioned, I’ve listed them below for easy reference.

Dominique’s Book Recommendations


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