Episode 6 – Productivity In Transition – Amy Larson And Staying Productive From Grad School To Career


Recently, I had the chance to interview Amy Larson, a post doctoral research fellow who has made the transition from the hectic graduate student life to the research world. It’s an interesting discussion into a world not too many of us get to see – and there are certainly some insights into good and bad productivity or time management skills that come out of that life.

Not only did Amy share her background leading up to graduate school and what helped her the most, she discussed the methods she uses to stay organized, in control, and on top of her many tasks on a daily basis.

This interview is NOT only for people who are going through school – be sure to listen, there’s several nuggets that anyone can apply in their life to become more organized, efficient, and less stressed.

My personal takeaway is the list before bed – I think that I might have to start trying this out…even something as simple as keeping a pen and paper near the bed to write down any lingering thoughts before going to sleep so that I can take them into my planning for the next day, and not stay awake thinking about them.

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