Episode 9 – Diving Deeper – Evernote And Focus With Charles Byrd


In this episode of the Real World Productivity podcast I had the opportunity to talk with Evernote expert Charles Byrd.

Charles has some great ways to put Evernote to use in your life and business to help stay organized, productive, and not overwhelmed with apps.

With his background from college to the corporate world using “old school” hand held devices for organization and being an early adopter of Evernote, he has years of experience managing stressful situations and dealing with many sources of information, reporting, and more…

We discussed some of the specifics of Evernote, such as using tags and notebooks and how this can apply to real world situations – it’s an interesting system that is certainly worth looking into. Not only did he have some great examples, but he explained how you can (no joke) save 18 working days in your first year of using Evernote.

Sounds like someone that might be able to shed some insights into why Evernote is such a useful tool, right?

Also, in this podcast episode we dove into minimalism, focus, and how you can personally benefit from Charles’ years of experience.

In addition, if you’re looking to take Evernote to the next level, Charles graciously extended a discount to his comprehensive course, you can find the link below.

Resources Mentioned

Discounted link to the Evernote Course: evernote.killthechaos.pro
Perfect Day Template: today.killthechaos.pro
Essentialism productivity.academy/essentialism
Power Of Less productivity.academy/powerofless
Ready Player One

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