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monthly calendar review

How To Implement Long Term Reminders And Scheduling

  With your short term and mid term reminders and scheduling out of the way, you’ll still want to implement at least one more type of review. I recommend doing a long term review on the monthly level, although this can be anywhere from 30 to 90 days depending on what your schedule and projects […]

weekly calendar schedule view

How To Implement Mid Term Reminders And Scheduling

  With your daily reminder set up for performing a quick overview of your tasks and calendar events, you need to move on to a less frequent and more high level review. This reminder can be set up the same way in Todoist, or any other app with a reminder or recurring alarm function, and […]

daily view for scheduling and review

How To Implement Short Term Reminders And Scheduling

  Setting up a short term reminder to review your tasks and calendar is critical. Without this you will probably end up missing tasks and meetings – keeping track of ¬†your tasks and writing down ideas and the odd thought is a great start, but it’s only part of the whole machine! What you need […]