Episode 28 – Putting Priorities First – Interview With JCron, President Of Kajabi

Jonathan Cronstedt, or JCron, the President of Kajabi, joined me for a great interview and look into how he organizes himself, his business, and his team for the best results. It’s a fast-paced look into where, and how, he prioritizes while putting powerful principles to work: Saying “no”  Focusing on One Thing Having an on-site […]

Episode 27 – Automation With Quality Ben Dell Of MissingLettr & HeySummit

For episode 27 of the Real World Productivity podcast Ben Dell of MissingLettr and HeySummit joined me for a great conversation about his background building and running a web agency and creating SaaS companies that provide services to many digital entrepreneurs. With Ben being the development of many great automation tools, the conversation naturally turned […]

Episode 26 – Teams, Time, & Taking Care Of Your Self with Manuel Bruschi of Timeular

In this Real World Productivity Podcast episode Manuel Bruschi, CEO of Timeular, joins me to talk about his business, the importance of physical activity on productivity, team building, automation, and more. If you haven’t seen it before, the Timeular device is a physical time tracking device coupled with great software that lets you easily track […]

Episode 25 – Tracking Time For Success With Kamil Rudnicki of TimeCamp

Kamil Rudnicki hopped onto a call with me to talk about time tracking and the benefits for managers, business owners, and more. Being CEO of TimeCamp certainly gives Kamil insights into the importance of time tracking and we covered several other interesting areas as well! Part of performing at high levels and being productive means […]

Episode 24 – The Best Books Of 2018 To Improve Productivity, Time Management, Team Building, & More

Books have been a great resource in my life and helped me save time, effort, and mistakes in so many areas. In the realm of productivity, time management, and team building, there are some amazing resources out there, but also a lot of information to get through. I really enjoy finding out what books and […]

Episode 23 – Black and white bookkeeping with Ean Price-Murphy

Ean Price-Murphy, the founder and owner of Moxie Bookkeeping joined me on the podcast for a great look into her business that was founded in 2003. She’s grown it from being a single person operation to now having managers, remote teams, and hundreds of happy clients. As the title of this episode implies, bookkeeping can […]

Episode 22 – Mindset or Mindfulness – Setting The Stage Internally With Christopher Sutton

I was able to meet up with the founder of Musical-U, Christopher Sutton, for an interesting conversation that hasn’t been covered on the podcast before… Christopher brought up the topics of mindset and mindfulness and I was intrigued – managing and improving your internal state is huge for any growth, whether it’s personal, business, or […]

Episode 21 – Around the world and back with Tom Morkes

The man behind dozens and dozens of very successful online launches joined us for a conversation about how you can get massive results in your launch that works for anyone from a 7+ figure earner to someone just getting started. Wondering what it is? Well, listen to the podcast and find out the details – […]

Episode 20 – Building Better Teams For Your Business with Kathryn Jones

Funnel builder extraordinaire and entrepreneur Kathryn Jones came back for her second interview on the Real World Productivity podcast to share how building effective teams has let her grow massively over the past 12 months. We met up at Funnel Hacking Live 2019 in Nashville, TN, and were able to carve out a few minutes […]

Episode 19 – Focus, Build, Delegate with Kyle Gray

Kyle Gray, author of The Story Engine joined me for a great look into how he went about developing a content marketing system that has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs. It was a system that he developed via a “trial by fire” – there was no existing easy method to doing what he created […]