Episode 21 – Around the world and back with Tom Morkes

The man behind dozens and dozens of very successful online launches joined us for a conversation about how you can get massive results in your launch that works for anyone from a 7+ figure earner to someone just getting started. Wondering what it is? Well, listen to the podcast and find out the details – […]

Episode 20 – Building Better Teams For Your Business with Kathryn Jones

Funnel builder extraordinaire and entrepreneur Kathryn Jones came back for her second interview on the Real World Productivity podcast to share how building effective teams has let her grow massively over the past 12 months. We met up at Funnel Hacking Live 2019 in Nashville, TN, and were able to carve out a few minutes […]

Episode 19 – Focus, Build, Delegate with Kyle Gray

Kyle Gray, author of The Story Engine joined me for a great look into how he went about developing a content marketing system that has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs. It was a system that he developed via a “trial by fire” – there was no existing easy method to doing what he created […]

Episode 18 – Fire, Ready, Aim with Liam Martin

Liam Martin of TimeDoctor.com and Staff.com joined me for a great podcast interview that covered topics ranging from building processes to bolster a “Fire, Ready, Aim” mentality to remote team management and how to ensure you’re getting the most from your team and are poised for growth – and success. With Liam’s history of remote […]

Episode 17 – Diving Into Otter.ai With Simon Lau

Are you into saving time? How about creating a workflow that involves AI, is super easy to use, and has more uses than I can count? If so (you are into this, right?) then you’re in for a great podcast episode. Simon Lau, Head of Product for Otter.ai invited me down to their office for […]

Episode 16 – Hernan Vazquez – Following Up With An Action Taker

  This episode is a great follow up to one of the original interviews for the Productivity Academy. Hernan Vazquez, my business partner and friend, is a certified action taker who’s seen a lot of changes over the past year… So, as someone who likes to use the “ready, fire, aim” method and get moving […]

Episode 15 – Take The Best And Leave The Rest – Dr. Dominique Chlup

  Dr. Dominique Chlup joined me for a great interview that covered a wide range of topics. Before listening to the full podcast episode, I want to give you one idea that Dominique introduced while we were talking: “Take the best and leave the rest” Be sure to listen to the full episode, but apply […]

Episode 14 – Balancing Stats With Matt Sidhom Of StatGeek

  Matt Sidhom from StatGeek.com joins me in this podcast episode to talk about productivity and time management while building a SaaS product, starting a family, and maintaining a full time position – all at the same time. I was able to talk to Matt and get him on the podcast to share his background […]

Episode 13 – Tracking Yourself To Make The Most Of Your Limited Time: Samer Abousalbi

  Samer Abousalbi joined us for a great look into being a software Product Manager, creating and developing your own app, and his favorite tools and strategies for maintaining organization and productivity through all of this. Not only does Samer realize the importance of having a “framework” that allows apps and tools to work for […]

Episode 12 – Choose Your Own Adventure: Leanna McGrath – Executive Coach

  I interviewed an executive coach with a background in both the startup world and higher education in this episode of the Real World Productivity Podcast episode. Leanna McGrath shared a lot of great information, insights, and more about her experience with startups and growth. As with so many of us, and our businesses, a […]