Episode 38 – Becoming Multi-Dimensional For Success With Joseph DiRoma

Joining me this week is Joseph DiRoma, head of The Successful Male North America and someone with almost two decades of experience in the hospitality industry and helping developing others.

A good and productive day can be achieved with routines, and Joseph shared with me what he calls the CAMPV routine:

C = Contemplation

A = Affirmations

M = Meditation

P = Perspiration

V = Visualization

He made special emphasis on meditation and what you can achieve just by doing it 10 minutes a day – something that I’ve tried in the past off and on but will be working on creating a routine that incorporates this more regularly to get some of the benefits we talked about.

Just like me, Joseph is a fan of processes, and spending time developing processes for recurring tasks so they take less time after you’ve mastered them or just getting rid of tasks that you don’t want to do anymore (by automating or delegating them) can let you gain a ton of time back.

With every guest to the podcast, I ask them what their current book they recommend is – here’s the pick for this episode:

Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself 

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How to identify a bad relationship and how to deal with it
  • How to be your best when dealing with adversity
  • What a successful routine can look like

Mentioned in this episode:

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