Episode 37 – Developing The Best People, Effectively – With Cory Carter

Joining me on this podcast episode is Corey Carter, who has been managing people for more than 20 years and recently has been helping entrepreneurs simultaneously increase sales, traffic, and visibility through JV partnerships and more. 

Sometimes, while helping others grow, improve and develop, we neglect those that are next to us. 

With Cory frequently travelling for work and having kids at home, he missed a lot of moments that you don’t want to miss…

After discovering Clickfunnels and a partner that was on the same wavelength, they started doing what they loved the most: developing people, but from home with the balance that he wanted.

Not only that, Cory started helping create JV partnerships with the right people and follow what he and his partner called the “Dream 22” (listen to the whole episode to find out more).

JV relationships are super powerful and great for any business if done the right way, and the best thing is that you don’t have to be an experienced industry veteran to make them work.

Cory likes to plan everything, from the days he will work late night to his own training because “If we’re not learning (growing), we’re dying.

With every guest to the podcast, I ask them what their current book they recommend is – here’s the pick for this episode:

Traffic Secrets

Start With The Why

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How anyone can become a good manager
  • How caring will make you a better manager
  • Find the right people when thinking of JV partnerships

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