What Else Can You Do To Be Productive While Traveling?

Today we’re diving back into productivity while traveling – partially to show you that it can be done and to give you some more ideas on how you can be better off while traveling.

A lot of people look at travel as a time that will mean uncomfortable working conditions, reduced productivity, and a build up of work upon return.

However, there’s a lot of great ideas out there that you can incorporate into your travel habits to make travel way more productive and to arrange things so that you’re not walking into a whirlwind of work when you get home.

Last week we went over the basics of travel productivity and now we’re going to check out some more options and ideas that may work well for you:

1. Buy the tools and the apps—you need music, noise-cancelling headphones (expensive I know, but worth it), and your smart phone. Load your phone with apps to make your travel life easier: Pzizz (one of my fave power-napping apps), Evernote, Expedia, Gate Guru, Seat Guru … the list is endless. What is your fave app for traveling? Please share it in the comments below. 10 Things to Do Before You Travel | to Be Super Productive | Business Travel Tips content from MeetingsNet

Ok, I’m a big fan of productivity apps! I really suggest checking out all of these if you haven’t yet – they won’t all be the ones that make a huge difference to you but I guarantee you will find one or two that will really make a difference.

That’s the way you have to use these apps; try them out and see what they can do for you. It takes a few minutes of your time but could end up saving a lot more than that.

A word of warning – try out one or two at a time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or forget about which app does what or which one you are supposed to be using. Be especially careful of what you use to take notes, set reminders, and make to-do lists…you really don’t want to lose track of those!

How about “bigger” technology? Well, a lot of people do prefer the MacBook – but the idea here is something that is comfortable to work with while on the move (there are comparable Windows laptops – my personal favorite is the newer Dell XPS with even better battery life than the MacBook). Nate Swanner talks about just this:

This is easy: the MacBook. It’s the only option for traveling light and steady productivity as far as I’m concerned. If you’re a Windows user, I’d suggest the HP Spectre; it has a slim profile like the Macbook.

While its 12-inch screen takes a bit of getting used to after spending time in front of my 27-inch desktop monitor, the MacBook has never left me wanting. The battery life is insanely good, and it charges faster than my MacBook Pro.

Its small footprint is nice for those days I’m walking around a city or venue, too. While a few ounces here and there may not seem like much on the back, it becomes noticeable the more you have to pull it out of the bag several dozen times a day to work. Embracing minimalism: How I travel light and stay productive

Not only is walking around part of the travel, but time in the airport or car / bus. If you’re looking for specific tips on how to get more done during the actual travel portion of your trip, check out these tips from Entrepreneur via Twitter:


I came across this gif and couldn’t help it – at some point you do have to rest…but hopefully these ideas will get you started in a direction or just help you even have a slightly more productive trip and keep you from doing what’s going on below 😉


One step at a time – productivity doesn’t happen overnight!


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