How To Set Up Location Based Reminders In Todoist


Todoist has some great features, and with the “premium” (paid) version you can even do location based reminders for your to do lists and tasks.

Basically, it works like this:

  • Create new task
  • Set reminder
  • Change reminder type to location based
  • Enter location (street address or saved location from previous use)

There is obviously some great uses for these reminders – for example with tasks that don’t have a set date but that require you to be in a certain location. In the video, my example is buying a birthday card. Other ideas include reminders to check out certain physical products (need to be “in” a store), reminder to visit someone in person when in a certain area, and more.

This is a great addition, but it can be confusing to use (or even figure out how to use) at first. Check out the video for a quick overview on how to set up location based reminders in Todoist.

For more information on this app, check out the Todoist Review.

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