Adapting Bullet Journal Ideas For Your Notebook Setup


There are a lot of ways out there to organize your notebook – but which ones are worth using?

It takes time to create the habit to even use your notebook on a regular basis, so it’s not a joke to really take a few minutes to consider if you are going to try something new.

I’ve know about the Bullet Journal methods for some time but never thought about using them as I remained more digitally oriented. However, with the increasing use of my Midori Notebook for brainstorming and day to day note taking, I’ve been looking at some ways to speed up the organization and to make sure I don’t miss anything important.

Now, usually I just review my three productivity / organization areas in my daily review. In that case, I go through the notebook as part of that process and transfer anything out to Todoist or Evernote as needed. However, I can see where people might need something faster or based on the notebook itself if they are not using these programs. In that case, this method would probably be right for them.

I’m considering integrating the Task, Event, Notes, way of indicating what is what inside of my notebook – and if I end up using it for a significant period of time I’ll take a harder look at the Bullet Journal and see about doing a full review.

One of the most important things about using a physical notebook along with digital systems is ensuring you get everything transferred to the correct place as needed. For example, jotting a note down about a future meeting in your notebook – you need to make sure that you get that into your online calendar or you risk missing a meeting. If you’re into finding out ways to deal with these situations, this video is for you!



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