How To Stay On Track And Focused On Your Goals

You want something, you work hard for it, and you enjoy the results — right?

We all wish it was that simple but both in business and in our private life, we often get distracted and sidetracked.

Suddenly, time’s up and we haven’t reached our goals.

So how to stay focused on your goals?

How to always keep your eye on the finish line?

Are there methods to make sure you stay targeted on your goals while living a good life?

In this post, I will walk you through simple and effective ways to stay focused on your goals.

As with all my productivity strategies, I implemented and tested them and can tell you that they’ve worked well for me.

Why Do We Lose Track of Our Goals?

In your business, you are likely to set yourself certain targets, right?

They often are 90-day (or 13-week) goals but it may also be something you want to achieve in a year for now.

Then something happens down the line and you seem to have forgotten about those important objectives or maybe having been distracted by other tasks and responsibilities.

That’s because long-term goals are made of smaller tasks or milestones. Let’s say that you’ve set as a goal for yourself to gain 5 new clients and  $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue. In order to get there, you may have to start by sending out 50 prospecting emails, not by stressing out about why you aren’t at your goal yet.

And like I mentioned with summer weight loss, I need to enact a plan with real milestones to lose weight instead of just vaguely stating that I’ll be a -10 lbs in 90 days (yes, I’ve got a plan in place).

But if final goals have clear benefits (who wouldn’t like new clients and increased revenue?), the tasks and intermediary milestones might not. It’s easy then to postpone them or get distracted. That’s why it’s important to remember what the benefits are, why you are performing potentially tiring and tasks that might not have an immediate positive feedback loop.

For me, this means reviewing my goals on a daily basis. I read them from my journal quickly to remind myself of the big goals I’m working towards and the benefits that I’ll realize when I get there.

How to Stay Focused on Your Business Goals

There are several ways to keep your eye on the ball.

Here are two that go hand in hand and are in my opinion the simplest and most effective ones.

  1. Create a goal roadmap. I use the Best Self Journal for this because it’s simple to use and very effective. But you could use any diary or even a Word document. It will help you visualize your goal but also start setting those intermediary milestones. Of course, there will be unpredictable tasks or milestones but having a clear path will make sure you stay on it. This works for both 90-day and longer-term goals alike.
  2. Have daily reviews. If you’re not doing daily reviews, you should start now. They don’t take longer than 15-30 minutes and will noticeably improve your overall productivity. They won’t only serve as to-do lists for the day but also as daily reminders of why you’re carrying out some of those tedious tasks. In other words, they’ll remind you of the final benefits.

These methods have really helped me and I keep using them on a daily basis.

They don’t take long but really bring results.

Try to see if they work for you too and adapt as needed.

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