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In this episode we talked about:

  • What habits dramatically improve your life?

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Alright everybody, we are live Welcome to the productivity Academy live Q&A episode 104 today is the 12th of December 2019. I’m Adam Moody with productivity Academy and got some really good stuff. I want to go over with you a couple things today. One that’s come up in conversation a bunch and one talk about it because it’s so important. It’s not the daily review.

But it is something I do on a weekly basis, a little bit another about the holidays and how we can avoid some issues with their and man this is based on personal experience. And then there’s really good question about what habits dramatically improved your life. So I’m going to get into those just want to say real quick, you got any questions you’re watching live, you can go ahead and ask those, I’ll get to those as time allows.

And if you’re catching the replay on Facebook or YouTube, you can find the link definitely on YouTube down below to come join us in the productivity Academy group. You have to answer some pretty tough questions like, you know, what’s your biggest problem in productivity? And do you like automation, stuff like that?

I just want to make sure that you are in the right group for people who like productivity, time management, automation and all that sort of good stuff so we can get better results. So that said, let’s, let’s get into it. Wanted to talk real quick about the holidays to visit 12 to December, we got a couple weeks to prepare just been through Thanksgiving.

And I know that a lot of people myself included, right you get stressed during the holidays whether you’re trying to like cram projects in that compressed time frame. Whether you know issues with family or friends, really, you know gives to you or sometimes things just bring up.

But the one thing I can tell you to try to do is to know yourself, you know, if you’re somewhat of an introvert, do what you can ahead of time to, you know, give yourself the space and time you need while still considering those around you. And again, this obviously comes from personal experience, I enjoy some time to myself.

I do enjoy being around my family and my friends going and doing but I just need some downtime. I like reading. Sometimes I like going for a walk. But the thing I’ve had to learn about that and it took me a long time to figure it out was people generally don’t mind but they also can’t read my mind. So I can’t just wait for that time for that to happen.

I need to be up front and say hey, you know I’m, you know, just wanting to kind of, you know, think some things through having a great time. I’m just gonna go for a walk, we’ll be back in a little bit. You know, sometimes somebody will come with me and you know, and that’s fine too. Or I’ll just say, Hey, I’m going to go read, I’ve got a book I’m really into.

I’ll be back in a little bit, you know, and just being upfront about that, I think the mind reading part, remembering, don’t let yourself get so frustrated that you think that maybe something’s happening to you, you know, if you haven’t communicated what you need first.

So I found that that can be really effective and take things down a notch even for people, you know, are more extroverted if you’re, you know, you’ve got to be upfront about what you want and being clear on that. And at the same time, no matter how you consider yourself, taking time for yourself.

You know, whether it’s doing a very short daily review, even if it’s Christmas, or the day after whatever New Year’s Eve saying, hey, what is it I want to do with the day you know, is there anything I want to do it’s Christmas, do I want to play with my cousins?

Do I want to make sure that I spend time a little bit of time with each family member, whatever that is, and just being, you know, cognizant of what it is you want to do so you can go out there and really do that. Alright, so that covered. The one thing I definitely wanted to talk about today was this question about what habits dramatically improved your life?

I think this is a great question. And it’s probably something we should ask ourselves are those around us at least those people who want to emulate on a fairly regular basis, meaning maybe every several years? I think that this is really important.

And you probably get different answers from different people and the different stages excuse me, in their life, I think that this is really important. So for me personally, what habits have dramatically improved my life, one of them was learning about me and I say that’s a habit.

Because while I don’t have that on a regular, you know, there’s no weekly thing I do to learn about me or monthly. But taking the time and I’m going to come into this in the next point to learn about myself and maybe that’s doing something like taking the book unique ability, taking a strength test finder.

Learning from that maybe what my strengths are and then saying, okay, I want to learn more about those those areas, and just keeping going on that, being able then to realize, you know, oh, these are my strengths, these are the areas instead of wasting a lot of time on things that I may not be that great at, I can just recognize that, hey, these are my strengths.

I want to do that and improve my life because I’m good at them. And I enjoy doing them. So I do more of them now. And that kind of leads into the second point, one of the habits that have that has dramatically improved my life is continuous learning, and just saying, Hey, you know, that’s okay.

We’re always learning, you know, you don’t want to ever be the person who thinks they know it all because one, that person is annoying as hell to be around. And to it’s not true, right? We’re always learning and so definitely built that into my life.

So having a habit of continuing to read, continuing to learn from other people asking the people around me questions, and then that of course, beats back in that first question learning about myself, you know, I change over time. We all do.

And just realizing that, you know, I need to invest some time and understanding myself understanding others and then learning in the areas that I’m interested in. The third area that is really dramatically improved my life is health.

So going from, you know, being a kid and gaining weight as a teenager, and then joining the Marine Corps and being in at least decent shape, getting out and being lazy, again, it’s gone up and down in terms of just weight and overall fitness.

And then finally, going back into college after the Marine Corps, I really, you know, thought, you know, I don’t want to do this anymore. And so getting into running more seriously, I’d obviously ran in the Marine Corps and other places.

But saying, I found it and whatever it was at that time of my life, or really jelled and saying, okay, that really clicked for me, and then saying, well, this is kind of like learning about myself. This is something I enjoy, I should really pursue this and I’ve been running consistently for call it 12 years.

And you know not to say that I haven’t gained weight at times or had any other issues, but it’s really been a vast improvement to my life, it’s even things out a lot. Not only does it help physically, but mentally, you know, kind of de stressing or letting my mind kind of go sometimes. So I think that that’s great.

And if you know, you haven’t found that thing that clicks for you, then it’s just getting out and exercising that could be going for a walk every day and maybe starting to go to the gym two or three times a week, or trying different cardiovascular exercise until you find one that that works for you.

But that’s had a dramatic impact to the point where it’s in something I review on a regular basis where I say, Hey, you know, taking a few days off is good, but remember how you feel when you don’t go for a run or you know, do some sort of cardio exercise for a week or more and you know, immediately I’m like, Oh, yeah, like I just feel not good.

Compared to that, like it’s just so different. So that that has really dramatically changed my life. And then two things that I would put strictly into the productivity area would be the daily review and then a weekly review. So daily review just going through every day using, you know, for now, my best self journal been using it for years.

And it could be anything else in the future, who knows, but just doing that daily review, going through and saying, hey, what tasks Do I have on my plate? What calendar events do I have? What obligations Do I have prioritizing, getting that stuff going doing some badging, and then tackling stuff?

That has been huge, and I know will continue to be in everyone I talked to about this. Most of the successful people I know, have some sort of daily routine or ritual around that. And then today, it was fine. I’ve talked to several people last week about this having some sort of a weekly review. And this varies much more from person to person.

But for myself, it’s asking myself a few questions. And if you want you can actually there’s a short course I put together on this called creating time. So if you just look up creating time and productivity Academy, you can find the full course I don’t have the URL in front of me. But it’s asking yourself basic questions like what’s getting me the best results right now?

And how can I get more of those? And literally writing it down, getting it out of your head and starting to see Oh, right, that is actually what’s providing the results, whether you know, its financial gain, maybe it’s exercise goals, weight loss, or just you know, overall life, you know, how you feel about your life.

This is fulfilling to me, just getting those thoughts out and realizing what are the things that are getting me there? And how can I get more of that? And then, you know, doing the same for the negative, you know, what isn’t working.

And then what I’m really big on is what is one thing I could automate delegate or delete, and being very honest with yourself about that, even to the point of you know, hey, there’s a task here I do every week. What if I just stopped doing it?

What would happen would anything happen? And if the answer is no, then get rid of it. Right, you know, and then if you can’t then maybe you can automate or delegate it. So yeah, I think that great question about, you know, habits dramatically improving your life.

And I think asking people around you are those people you emulator you really trust or look up to would be a great idea. So that’s something I probably need to do more often. Okay, flip over, I don’t see any extra questions.

But I think that will do it then for this week. So looking forward to taking some time off. We’re not going to have a live q&a over the holidays between Christmas and New Year’s. But I believe that means we’ll have one next week. So that’ll be the last one for 2019. So I will see everybody next week for that.

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