How To Stay Productive And Alert Without Coffee


Don’t let coffee be your productivity crutch! You can get so much done without relying on it and staying alert isn’t something that coffee just “does”. So, how are you going to get by?

First – check out the video above. There’s some easy and quick wins that you can make along with some long term lifestyle changes that will let you reap benefits such as increased productivity and alertness for a long time to come.

But maybe you just want to reduce the amount of coffee you’re drinking while staying on top of things…

One great way to do this is to replace the habit. It’s hard to “cold turkey” quit anything, right?

So try replacing a cup of coffee with a cup of tea with little or no caffeine. If tea isn’t your thing, try another beverage – it’s keeping the habit but replacing the part you want to change, trust me, it works!

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