Using Asterisk In Todoist For Headers And More


It turns out that using an asterisk in Todoist can lead to some interesting results!

By mistake, I found out when automatically importing a task from Slack to Todoist via Zapier (that’s another post for another time!) that having an asterisk, “*”, at the start of your task did something interesting.

By having that asterisk there, it essentially made a task that could not be completed!

Why is this important?

It turns out that you can use it to make a header that you cannot easily remove – handy if you are putting a lot of sub tasks under it and don’t want to easily delete them by mistake. This may sound odd, check out the video so you can see exactly how and why this works – much easier to show in a video than to put down in words.

Not only did I find the asterisk to be helpful for making headers when using sub-tasks, but it can also make italics and bold.

All you have to do is surround you text with an asterisk on each side, like this:

*this will look like italics*

which will look like this once you save your task:

this will look like italics

You can also do bold by using exclamation marks:

!! This is bold !!

will look like this once you save the task:

this is bold

You can put a space between the asterisk or exclamation mark or not, I found that it didn’t make a difference.

Just remember, if you use an asterisk at the beginning of your task to make it italic, you’ll also make that task uncompletable. Yup, I’m going to go ahead and say that “uncompletable” is a word.

Hope this helps you with your Todoist use!

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