Episode 25 – Tracking Time For Success With Kamil Rudnicki of TimeCamp

Kamil Rudnicki hopped onto a call with me to talk about time tracking and the benefits for managers, business owners, and more.

Being CEO of TimeCamp certainly gives Kamil insights into the importance of time tracking and we covered several other interesting areas as well!

Part of performing at high levels and being productive means understanding how to balance your life and Kamil shared some interesting views into the areas he deals with and works to improve.

And how about those times you’re procrastinating or not sure if you should be doing what you need to do? Kamil brought up 2 very good points that I agree with and think that we should all keep in consideration when facing that situation.

With every guest to the podcast, I ask them what their current book they recommend is – and Kamil’s pick was: The One Thing by Gary Keller

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How you can get the most out of automatic time tracking
  • What 2 things you should be aware of if you’re procrastinating or feeling “low energy”

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