Episode 27 – Automation With Quality Ben Dell Of MissingLettr & HeySummit

For episode 27 of the Real World Productivity podcast Ben Dell of MissingLettr and HeySummit joined me for a great conversation about his background building and running a web agency and creating SaaS companies that provide services to many digital entrepreneurs.

With Ben being the development of many great automation tools, the conversation naturally turned to the role of automation and content production – where is the “sweet” spot and how can content marketers, or anyone producing content online, generate good content with meaning while reaping the benefits of automation.

“Just because you can automate, doesn’t mean you should” – Ben

Saving time and reducing your workload is important, but you want to strike that balance that results in quality output without overloading your time – Ben’s thoughts on this were interesting and helpful for anyone putting content out, especially with a social media presence.

Are you interested in checking out MissingLettr? As a customer of the service I give it two big thumbs up – it helps save me and my team hours of work monthly (sometimes weekly) and does a lot of the heavy lifting while leaving room for a personal touch. You can sign up by clicking here and save 50% off of your first 3 months with any plan you choose.

With every guest to the podcast, I ask them what their current book they recommend is – here’s the pick for this episode:

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What anyone starting or running an agency should be focusing on
  • How to best spend your time producing content as a business with an online presence

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