Episode 47 – Happily Consistent Results With David Salib


Joining me today is David Salib, Associate Product Manager at Lyft and a man with many cool side-products…one of them being Momento, a podcast app that I’ve been using a lot lately (check out more on the app in these videos here and here).

As usual, I asked him about his daily routine.

Like many of the guests of the Real World Productivity Podcast, David’s days begin with an early visit to the gym, followed by time for reading; then he starts working and after that, he devotes his free time to side projects.

Some of these side projects are Momento, a podcast app that lets you transcribe audio on the fly (and add your own notes), and Catena, a bible app.

David was interesting to me because I don’t know that many people that manage to work a full-time job and then spend their free time working on long-term side projects with consistency.

Another good note from David was his saying that you have to build your downtime to avoid burnout. The way he does this is by organizing his day in a way that allows him to go for walks or having breaks.

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • Why you should have days when you don’t work on your side projects and don’t feel bad for not doing it
  • Why having more responsibilities make you have more time
  • When to scale and add more people to a project

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