Episode 17 – Diving Into Otter.ai With Simon Lau

Are you into saving time?

How about creating a workflow that involves AI, is super easy to use, and has more uses than I can count?

If so (you are into this, right?) then you’re in for a great podcast episode.

Simon Lau, Head of Product for Otter.ai invited me down to their office for this podcast interview – it was a great opportunity to check out their space in a startup environment and get to know Simon and Otter.ai a little better.

In case you haven’t heard me talk about it, Otter.ai is a great app that I’m using in several areas to quickly (well, real-time in some cases) get human speech transcriptions for content use as well as for reference at a later date. For example:

I can take a video that I create for YouTube and upload it to their platform. Within minutes I’ve got a full and highly accurate transcription that I can edit and use anywhere I want to.

It’s important to point out what I said about “highly accurate”. I’ve used several transcription services, including other automated systems, and this is far beyond others that I have used. In most cases, it has been as good as a human transcriber.

Now, how about those meetings that you have and forget to take notes?

Or maybe it’s a long meeting and later in the day, you can’t remember that one important piece of information. How about a client call where you don’t want to spend the time taking notes so you can be fully “present” in the discussion?

Otter works well there too as a searchable index of anything that you record!

Now, it wasn’t all about Otter.ai – although we probably could have talked all day just about that…

It was interesting to hear Simon’s approach to product management and the ideas, which I agree with, of integrating quantitative and qualitative data to really show you what is going on.

So, if you’re interested in finding out more about Simon and Otter.ai along with some interesting productivity insights – press play and tune in to the interview!

Post podcast note: Otter.ai saved the day! My recorded apparently had a malfunction (or user error) and Simon’s phone plus the Otter.ai app was the only recording of the podcast interview. Thanks again Simon!

I think that’s the best wrap up to an interview and inadvertent review of Otter.ai that anyone could imagine.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Otter.ai can save you time AND money (no joke, I use it every week)
  • Why quantitative information isn’t the whole picture
  • 3 areas that you can apply AI powered voice data to your workflows

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