Episode 7 – Apps, Apps, And More Apps – Using Technology For Productivity With Francesco D’Alessio


In Episode 7 I’m talking with Francesco D’Alessio about the use of apps and technology and how that can make us as online entrepreneurs, more productive and successful.

We share some of the same ideas about the role of technology in our lives and how it can help us – it was a great discussion and Francesco had some great thoughts about how you can utilize the tools that are out there (or will be created!) to improve yourself.

Not only did we cover the apps topic, we discussed Francesco’s unique background starting with being the only 15 year old (many years ago) that I’ve ever heard of that wanted to read Getting Things Done! It was his kick start to diving into the topic and looking at how he could optimize his life for better results as he went through school, university, and beyond.

So, if you’re interested in apps, exploring how they fit into our lives with technology moving forward while we work on improving our time management and productivity then this is the episode for you.

Be sure to check out Francesco’s YouTube channel for some great content: www.youtube.com/user/cesidalessio

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Cal Newport Shutdown Ritual: http://calnewport.com/blog/2009/06/08/drastically-reduce-stress-with-a-work-shutdown-ritual/
4 Hour Workweek: https://productivity.academy/4hourworkweek

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