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In this episode we talked about:

  • How do you deal with things that come up?

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Hey, All right, welcome to the episode 90. Alright, we are live. And I’m doing this clearly from the inside of the car. And that ties in well with the topic that we’re going to cover today. And that’s going to be talking about flex time and how that can be pretty important. So real quick though, before we get into that, if you’re viewing this live, that’s awesome. If you’re not, that’s awesome, you’re checking out the replay.

And if you’re watching this on YouTube, you can click Subscribe, stay up to date, if you want with these, as well as getting notifications of reviews, app updates, and a lot of other material. We cover words, time management, stuff, automation, or reviews, anything like that you can also find in the link below where to join us on Facebook, it’s a private Facebook group, it’s free. Just want to make sure that you are interested in really into time management, productivity, that sort of good stuff.

So if you are definitely come join, just have to answer a couple questions. Make sure you’re the right fit, and you’re in. So I thought that this was a great way to do this one actually in the parking lot of a Costco today. And you know, the question comes up sometimes about avoiding overwhelm, or how do you deal with things that come up?

You know, everyone has these things come up, whether it’s a last minute trip, it’s a work requirement is to tasks that got put on your plate, and having flex time available to you is what allows you to kind of overcome some of these and this isn’t, there’s no one answer, right. Just like any other deal with productivity or time management, there’s no one thing that’s going to solve everything. But there are areas where you can get a lot of results from doing just a few things.

So what I mean by that is like doing a daily review, as far as time management productivity, that’s huge. But that doesn’t solve magically everything. Just like that this flex time idea of allowing yourself time, if you can do it on a daily basis, or at least throughout the week, where you don’t have things scheduled, but you locked that to whatever is the most important at that time, if that turns out to be a family commitment.

And that’s what it is, if it’s working on that project you fell behind on that’s great, get that going. And it’s just recognizing whatever is the most important. In this case, I’ve got a trip coming up and been sick for most of the week. So I said, you know what I want to prepare, actually, I’m taking care of stuff that normally would be done next week, just to get it out of the way it’s in the afternoon, I can get it done now. And now I’m thinking, Okay, that’s great.

I’ll be less stressed next week, I won’t have to do it. And then getting over this cold, I’m going to get myself back on track. So how can you do this? Right? How can you just magically put flex time and of course you need that time. But I suggest like a lot of things starting simple. Everyone’s got 30 minutes an hour in their week where they could put this into their schedule, right? If you magically had to come up with 30 minutes you and you had to do it today, I’m sure you could find it. So put that time in there. And then you know, if you don’t need it, that’s fine.

But those times where you do, it really comes in handy, you can schedule that call with somebody you’ve been putting off, you know, you could wrap up some loose ends, you get a lot that to the most important project you’re working on, and then maybe start expanding it because it’s coming into real handy where you’ve got an hour or a block of sorry, an hour to and maybe do this once or twice per week where you just don’t have things scheduled ahead of time, which might sound kind of going against time management idea.

But that’s reality, you’re never going to have exact control of your time. And so you can schedule these things out and then say, Great, I’ve got this extra time today, I’m going to go ahead and use it for x, y or z. So hopefully, that’s helpful. I think that this is a really powerful technique that allows you flexibility, while still managing your time being proactive, doing things like time tracking.

But leaving that block out and saying yeah, it’s more realistic that I’m going to have four to five really good hours, and maybe some flex time, instead of saying, I’m going to be totally rocking it for eight hours a day, five days a week, you know, and which in most cases does not happen. So anyways, hopefully you found this helpful. Now that I’m wrapping it up, and you know, getting some great looks from people walking by, I’m going to call it a week.

And if you’ve got questions, you can find the link as well to ask ahead of time if you want and I answer those as I can on the live streams. Thanks for watching. And again, if you’re watching on YouTube, go ahead and click subscribe stay up to date with the Q and A’s as well as things like app reviews, and update videos about time management, automation, all that sort of good stuff. So that will do until next week. Have a good night.

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