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Episode 20 – Building Better Teams For Your Business with Kathryn Jones


Funnel builder extraordinaire and entrepreneur Kathryn Jones came back for her second interview on the Real World Productivity podcast to share how building effective teams has let her grow massively over the past 12 months. We met up at Funnel Hacking Live 2019 in Nashville, TN, and were able to carve out a few minutes to sit down and record this episode focusing on teams and building an...

Staying Focused And On Task

how to stay focused

Staying focused and on task is something that many people struggle with for most of their adult lives. Especially with the advent of mobile devices and the many distractions that are out there. However, it doesn’t have to be that hard, there are a lot of great ways ¬†you can help yourself get more done without becoming overly worried that you are not “on task” or that...

Dealing With Email Overload Using Unroll.me

dealing with email overload using unroll.me

  Dealing with email overload is a common occurrence, even for the best of us. However, there are great tools available to help you deal with what can be one of the most useful communication tools and a huge distraction! Unroll.me is a free service that you can hook into your email provider of choice. Once integrated it will automatically find email subscriptions and let you keep them in...

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